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Appellate counsel may work with trial counsel long before the appeal process begins, to assist with framing legal issues and drafting written pleadings and jury instructions before, during, and after trial. We have an experienced Appellate Practice Group available to help clients achieve the best result possible, both through trial support and in the Florida and federal appellate courts.

Appellate Experience

Attorneys in the Appellate Practice Group have extensive experience at every level of appellate court, including the Supreme Court of the United States, the federal Courts of Appeals, the Supreme Court of Florida, and the Florida District Courts of Appeal. Those appellate cases, many signficant to the development of the law, but all significant to the clients involved, span the range of civil, administrative, and criminal defense matters. Our lawyers recognize that success on appeal requires explaining a complex matter, possibly with years of litigation history, in a concise and persuasive appellate brief, backed with thorough research and presented with style and professionalism. While written briefs are the backbone of appellate success, our lawyers also understand the value of oral persuasion. Many oral arguments in the Florida appellate courts may be viewed on the courts' Internet web pages.