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Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) play a critical role in today's workforce. The administrative burden on small to mid-size employers can be overwhelming in the various regulatory environments that govern these businesses. PEOs absorb these burdens, while bringing economies of scale to their customers in the employee benefits markets. With an incredible presence throughout Florida, PEOs primarily serve these small to mid-size employers, who are looking to outsource their HR, benefits, payroll, and administrative functions. PEOs typically provide employers with access to workers' compensation insurance, health insurance, 401k, and other benefits that may not be available to the small to mid-size employers and often at a savings in both cost and administrative burden.

In Florida alone, PEOs have a tremendous impact on our local economy, "co-employing" nearly 1 billion workers, serving 60,000 companies, with about $25 billion in payroll, according to the Florida Association of Professional Employer Organizations. PEOs were instituted some three decades ago, right here in Florida, where some of the most successful PEOs now reside. PEO growth is expected to swell in the coming years as the popularity of the PEO service model increases. Enactment of health care reform will further influence employers to outsource the daunting task of migrating regulatory fields.

Our attorneys have been representing nationally recognized PEOs for several years, developing an in-depth understanding of the unique PEO business model. Our knowledge base allows us to be efficient with the PEO transaction, compliance or litigation matter, while effectively communicating the PEO's perspective at the negotiating table and in the courtroom. We have experience in assisting start-up PEOs as well as those long established. With the Firm's knowledge and experience in a wide range of practice groups, we are able to respond to the PEO's diverse legal needs, including litigation, health law, labor and employment, corporate and tax.