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Maintaining the infrastructure of Florida’s communities requires complex planning to balance natural resources while serving the needs of a growing population. With varying degrees of intricacy from region to region, it is important to understand local regulations and government policies that govern these vital public services.

From public finance, litigation and real estate to corporate and construction, Broad and Cassel’s depth of legal services in nine offices across the state enables our attorneys to provide vast insight to legal matters surrounding and serving the utility industry.

For decades, the firm has provided comprehensive eminent domain services to utility and transportation clients, such as rending legal advice on potential commendation actions; advice on acquiring parcels voluntarily, and representing clients in eminent domain litigation. The firm also provides pre-acquisition planning, Orders of Taking, voluntary acquisitions, and litigation and appeals. In the past seven years, Broad and Cassel has handled more than 500 eminent domain matters. The properties acquired for these projects have ranged in value from thousands of dollars to multimillion dollar parcels.