Date: 9/1/2016

Orlando Attorneys present on EB-5 Crowdfunding and Other Capital Sources

Orlando attorneys Matthew J. Armstrong and Roman Petra recently presented at the I-4 Commercial Corridor Conference, an event hosted by Florida CCIM that gives information on economic development in Central and West Florida. Their presentation focused on EB-5 Crowdfunding and Other Capital Sources.

In addition to the conference, Mr. Armstrong was interviewed by GrowthSpotter, a regional digital newsletter that is a part of the Orlando Sentinel Media Group. In his interview, Mr. Armstrong gave insight on nontraditional methods for raising money for real estate projects. He explains that before websites, such as Patch of Land and Seed Invest, were created, developers without a "stable of people" did not have a group they could utilize to raise money for themselves.

Seed Invest and Patch of Land have accredited investors who can view projects by developers and choose to invest. Equity crowdfunding sites, where non-accredited investors can invest anywhere from $2,000-$10,000, are becoming more popular. According to GrowthSpotter, it is estimated that the industry could generate $45 billion a year in new funds; however, Mr. Armstrong states that, because these are new methods, it is unclear how it will all turn out.

Please visit this page to read the interview in full.