Louis J. Pearlman (Public)

Louis J. Pearlman, Debtor. Case No. 6:07-bk-00761-ABB; United States Bankruptcy Court, Middle District of Florida, Orlando Division

Bankruptcy Lawsuit Information for Defendants sued by Soneet R. Kapila, as Chapter 11 Trustee for Trans Continental Airlines.

IMPORTANT: To all defendants who have (i) spoken with attorney Roy Kobert and paralegal Stephanie Johnson (ii) and requested an extension, we have obtained a fifteen (15) day extension of time from the date your original answers are/were due to respond to the lawsuit. Please note if you have not received a verbal or written confirmation, you have not received the (15) day extension. These extensions are only available for those of you we have communicated with and have stated your intention to retain our firm. Once we have agreed to perform this complementary service we will then confirm the extension with your case number(s) with the Plaintiff. We have obtained this extension on your behalf to allow you the time to decide whether to retain our firm to defend you in this matter. IMPORTANT: We are not your counsel of record until we receive all paperwork and the retainer amount as explained in the retainer letter. Until then, you are still responsible to respond to the lawsuit as this will be done as an accommodation to you.

If you are interested in retaining Broad and Cassel to defend you in the lawsuit filed against you by Louis J. Pearlman, please download the documents linked on this site and return them to us along with the retainer fee.

For those clients who retain Broad and Cassel to represent them, updates on the lawsuits will be posted periodically on this web site. Updates will be password protected and available only to those who have retained Broad and Cassel to represent them.

The information contained herein presents general information about Broad and Cassel and the bankruptcy lawsuits filed by the Pearlman Trustee and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


Retainer Letter

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Fact Information Sheet

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Motion to Withdraw as Counsel for Defendants

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